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Help usATV Southern Larimer County SafeHouse Provide an Emergency SafeHouse of Hope and Healing for the women and children in the community suffering from domestic violence. With your help families and individuals will be able to remain in this community. The SafeHouse provides a refuge from the violence and victimization leading towards empowerment and survival for families in need. 

  • A refuge for women and their children
  • Crisis intervention, counseling, safety planning, and advocacy
  • A 8,666 square foot house with:
    • 8 Bedrooms (1 ADA accessible room)
    • 3 and a half Bathrooms
    • A Community Kitchen and Dining Area
    • Laundry Room
    • Meeting and Play Room
    • Adjacent offices for Counselors and Housing Staff.

With your Help, 83 families (8,030 Individuals) each year will have a safe place to stay, escape abuse, and rebuild.

How you can help!

 Support Alternatives to Violence with a financial contribution to the SafeHouse Capital Campaign. 

Various levels of support are available. 

SafeHouse Shelter            $100,000                                           

Counseling Center            $50,000 - $100,000      SOLD    Kroh Charitable Trust

Playground                            $25,000               SOLD    Realities for Children                           
Kitchen                                 $15,000              1 AVAILABLE        

Dining                                   $15,000              1 AVAILABLE
Family Room                          $15,000              1 AVAILABLE

8 Bedrooms                           $10,000 (each)    7 AVAILABLE        1 SOLD                           

*  Estimated net cost of your $25,000 contribution is $11,750 or less

  •         of your $15,000 contribution is only $7,050 or less
  •         of your $10,000 contribution is only $4,700 or less

 Bronze Plaque  Bronze Plaques            12" by 12"      $5000     10 AVAILABLE

 Engrave Large Brick  Engraved Large Bricks   24" by 24"     $2500     20 AVAILABE

 Engraved Medium Bricks  Engraved Medium Bricks   8" by 8"     $1000     50 AVAILABLE

 Engraved Small Brick  Engraved Small Bricks       4" by 8"      $500      100 AVAILABLE


* Contributions to Alternatives to Violence qualify for the Enterprise Zone State Tax credit.


The cost of violence against women in the United States is $5.8 billion annually.[1] This includes medical and mental health care, and lost work and life productivity













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Alternatives to Violence (ATV) educates and empowers victims, survivors and the community to break the cycle of violence.

Alternatives to Violence provides services to women, men and children regardless of race, sexual orientation or legal status.

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